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Pancreatic cancer reoccurrence

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Hi Teresa, nothing has really changed in my medical condition. I am happy to report that I feel good. Eating everything and anything with no problems. Still only on Armour Thyroid and Creon. All vital signs good and weight is stable. I’m 3 months into hospice and praising God for how well I am doing. My nurse I see once a week just shakes her head. I’m back to all of my activities and although quite a few people I associate with have come down with COVID, so far I have been spared. I’m in the process of selling my home, to take the burden of that off my son and am cleaning out closets and donating quite a bit to charity. It’s so easy to part with “things” when you know you won’t be here this time next year. Each day is more precious, not knowing how long this period will last, but right now I know God is using me to witness His love and the peace that only comes from a relationship with Him. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, His Grace is sufficient.

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So good to hear from you again @sadiegrace and hear that you are still holding your own and content with this part of your journey. You still are a great encouragement to me personally and spiritually. I really appreciate your posts!

Hi again, @sadiegrace

Its been a little over a month since you last posted. I hope you are continuing to feel well and are active.

Will you post an update when its convenient?

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