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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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Hello @jerzy and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This has to be very worrisome for you, along with painful. I would be very focused on knowing if you have any fluid (i.e. bile) leaking into your gut causing this pain and inflammation.

As a result of your tests so far, has your doctor confirmed if anything of the sort may be going on? Were all your drains draining clear liquid prior to removal?

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To make my initial post more clear let me tell you that I had gallbladder removed, and the surgeon cut the bile in 3 spots, and also scared the liver.During the time of surgery, and forward, my doctors did know about bile leaking into abdomen that's why they placed 4 drains collecting bile into special bags/pouches. It was so bad that I almost died, and they told my wife to say "Goodbye" because there was a small chance that I'll survive next 12-24 hrs. I made it, and first 2-3 weeks one of the drains was collecting 80 ml. every 3-4 hours ! They finally removed the drains after 7 weeks but the liquid was never clear, it was kind of greyish, never clear because of infection. During all that time I was on a strong antibiotic Augmentin, and still continue taking it because there are still 3 small "pools" of bile in the abdomen. Another 4 weeks, and they will do another CT Scan. 2 months since the surgery and I still have a lot of pain but the pain around liver is getting better, I think. Special diet contributed to the improvement, if there's really any progress, not the result of pain meds. Slowly I have less anxiety which is a good sign-it was unbearable !

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