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@dablues I am sorry this continue to affect you and also that you are having trouble with insurance covering an MRI.

You will notice that I have moved this more recent post into the original discussion you started on the same topic.

If a neurologist feels your symptoms are a result of back pain, it would seem reasonable for them to order that as a diagnostic test. Did your neurologist order it as such or was it put in as a request from you?

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The doctor ordered it. I didn't ask them to do anything. I just explained what was happening. So, at a loss now what to do. I called them but it was Friday and they didn't get back to me. Will call them again today which is Monday. I am not getting enough sleep because I'm moving all night long. I even bought a wedge leg exerciser to raise my legs at night to see if that would help. It doesn't. Always about 1-2 hours after I'm asleep it starts and wakes me up and this continues all night long. I have to keep moving position for it to stop, or stand up and it will stop. I think maybe that is why he thought to do the back. I do have neck and back problems. But, my feet feel so weird. That happened after my Shingrix shot in 2020 but it finally went away and it's back again. So, I don't know. Just wish I could find out.