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I have tried pills for ED assistance without much help. I'm looking a the the pump approach and would like to hear any experiences you may have had using these devices. Pros and cons and brand experience. Thanks.

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Hi Perry, you will find members like @jimhd @jakedduck1 @glenner075 and others talking about pump approaches and other treatments for erectile dysfunction in the Men's Health group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/mens-health-1/) in this discussion:

– ED treatments https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/ed-treatments/

I suggest you hop over there, join the discussion and ask your questions.

I have no experience with pumps or implants.
Neuropathy was the primary cause of my ED. I tried pills too that didn't help.
I tried pills including Cialis and was expecting some help for a drug I paid over $60 for.
Someone told me about penis injections and immediately I said “NO WAY!” but I checked into it and now use it (Trimix) very successfully. Don't be concerned about the injections being painful, it's not. The needles are very small. At worst it's like a pinprick but usually I never feel it at all.
It isn't cheap though. I last paid $37.50 for prefilled syringes but it's available in vials that are a little cheaper. I imagine the price varies by strength & dose. This medication has to be filled at a Sterile Compounding Pharmacy. I live in California, not sure if it's more expensive here or not. I believe another member, @jimhd had a penile implant awhile back. Hopefully he will join in.
Best of luck you,