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@dablues I am sure that is so frustrating and not sleeping because of being in pain is no good either. Are you on Medicare? If so, it might be worth a call to Medicare to find out why you are being denied and to also call your insurance if you have supplemental insurance and ask exactly what you need to do to seek diagnosis and treatment. When my mom who was in her 80's she had leg pain that she described as red hot pokers, she was sent to pain management for spine injections and had about 3 of them. She has also taken gabapentin to help with nerve pain, and hasn't needed a spine injection for several years. She is 91 now.

Do you think a phone call or two might help?

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I had Medicare Primary, Empire Plan Secondary and MVP Third Party and had to get rid of ALL 3 because after 22 years of having to deal with insurance companies, billers, etc., it was making me too upset. Trying to get the bills paid with those 3 insurances was a nightmare, so I went to one insurance which was Cigna HMO, and Medicare is part of it. I'm done with insurance companies, billers, etc. Had enough. The other reason why I quit all three insurances is because the third party which is my husband's insurance was the only one that picked up the balance of my bills but he is 83 sickly, and if something happens to him first I would have had to pay the full shot to keep his insurance and my income wouldn't be enough to do this.

Medicare paid 80%. My secondary didn't pay anything unless I was half dead because I never made my deductible. Maybe once or twice in all the years living in GA did they pay anything. I did not realize when I moved to GA I had to have in network doctors and THAT was MY FAULT for not checking. I'm originally from Albany, NY and lived in several Cities besides Albany, before moving to GA.

In Georgia none of my doctors took my secondary Empire Plan. They did take my husband's Cigna plan so was fortunate at that time to get my bills paid.

I switched to CIGNA HMO in January and at that time it was the only one that would insure me. I'm in the process of trying to change again but doubt I can get it since some of the questions I answered which were truthful, evidently they didn't like and denied me. So be it.

No sense in my calling my HMO or Medicare part because I already know the answer. They said it was too long before I saw a doctor again. Well sorry, I didn't need to. It wasn't bothering me at the time. I need to now. I have to start all over. They can't seem to tell me what all over means.

My problem arose after I had the Shingrix Vaccine in the latter part of 2019 which gave me really bad side effects, of burning throughout the body, legs, tingling pins and needles, etc. and also major panic attacks. My legs did not work, could hardly walk, unsteady, etc. The only doctor who told me it was from the Shingrix vaccine was my therapy doctor, not the therapist. I knew it was from vaccine because it happened right after the second dose. This lasted 4 months then just disappeared. In between the 4 months I was told to see a urologist, plus I opted for therapy as My legs did not work ,

I had a complete workup from the urologist including brain scan, EMG, MRI Cervical. The only thing showed was carpal tunnel syndrome. As for the therapy, I still do back exercises at home, treadmill twice a day. Now the same thing came back except for the burning isn't throughout the body, but my feet do not work right, burning in feet and legs ONLY while sleeping and numbness in arms.

I am tired of trying to take care of myself and you have to be half dead before it appears you can be treated properly. I don't go to the doctors when NOT needed, but I do when needed and now I can't even get the test, and who knows, maybe I can't get the nerve test either.

I'm in the process of trying to get a better insurance but doubt it will go through since it hasn't been two years that has passed with the problems I had previously and why I only could get the insurance I have now but decided to go for it and see if they will insure me with a better company or I should say a better policy. I don't think they will since the two years are not up yet. I don't know where I'll be when the two years are up. I'm old now.

So if someone has any ideas if I should see some other type of doctor for this or not. Was thinking orthopedic but I'm not a doctor and don't want to waste my money or the insurance companies money. If no one has any input on what doctor to see other than neurologist would appreciate it. Other than that, I guess I'll have to see if I can heal myself, even though I doubt I can.