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@billchitwood, I just read some of your posts, and I am sorry that you are caught between getting care for your husband and his resistance to accepting medical care. The fatigue, the swelling, the drop in blood pressure and the pain, and the falls are symptoms that, in my opinion, would be best diagnosed and treated at an appointment rather than a phone call. I think it would be appropriate for you to ask whether he needs to get a blood test or urine sample ahead of the appointment, but my experience is that the labs are going to be ordered after the doctor decides what labs to order.

It is already Friday afternoon, but do you think you could call on Monday to make an appointment? Tell them what he is experiencing. Make a list of the prescriptions medicines and all over-the-counter medications that he is taking. And when/if he is taking them.
Do you have means to transport him to the doctors office?

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He is still resisting going in to see the doctor – or calling. I'm still driving – we convinced him to give up driving last year, which he was delighted to do. Plus he has only gone out to visit doctor and dentist. And now declining to do that as well. He is quite happy at home and I've managed to keep the pain level down for him (Tyenol, which the doctor said he could take). Most of his symptoms are more of the nitty picky type of thing as far as he is concerned. Feet are almost always elevated so that keeps the swelling down. No pain with the 'red palms'. Even the diarrhea a couple times a week doesn't seem to bother him. Nor the low diastolic blood pressure. So basically he is a happy camper other than he hates taking all the meds he is on presently and doesn't want more – which he is sure the doctor would suggest if he goes in. His choices of foods (mostly sweet) are terrible but I do manage to get a lot of fruit and veggies down him. Kids and I figure at 88 with his health problems he might as well just enjoy things as much as he can. He likes using me as a research assistant so I can answer his questions – which I probably bungle but keeps him happy.