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I am having problems with my fee feeling like sponges, pins and needles in my legs. The feet feel like that all the time. Had it before for 4 months, went away on it's own. Back again for the past few months. I also do have back and neck problems. I was scheduled by my Neurologist to have a MRI on Monday for the lumbar spine. Got a call that my pre-authorization was denied. The doctors office called to get this straightened out but they couldn't. When I called the company their statement was you had treatment a while back and since too much time has passed you need to start all over again. I asked them what they meant all over again. I didn't have anything else done when I was better so why would I go back for treatment if nothing was wrong?

My problem is at night when I try to sleep. No matter what position I'm in after about 1 to 2 hours I wake up with my burning in my feet and bottom of my legs, and numbness in arms, and hands. So I need to reposition myself to make the numbness go away. I don't know now what to do since I cannot have the MRI to see whether the back is the problem affecting my arms and legs.

I am scheduled for a nerve study again, which I had done a back in 2020 which they didn't find anything except said I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. Now, I don't know if the insurance company will even let me have that study done. I cannot pay for these tests completely. I'm almost 80 and don't make that much money.

Any suggestions on what to do now since I cannot get anything done by anybody.

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@dablues I am sure that is so frustrating and not sleeping because of being in pain is no good either. Are you on Medicare? If so, it might be worth a call to Medicare to find out why you are being denied and to also call your insurance if you have supplemental insurance and ask exactly what you need to do to seek diagnosis and treatment. When my mom who was in her 80's she had leg pain that she described as red hot pokers, she was sent to pain management for spine injections and had about 3 of them. She has also taken gabapentin to help with nerve pain, and hasn't needed a spine injection for several years. She is 91 now.

Do you think a phone call or two might help?

@dablues I am sorry this continue to affect you and also that you are having trouble with insurance covering an MRI.

You will notice that I have moved this more recent post into the original discussion you started on the same topic.

If a neurologist feels your symptoms are a result of back pain, it would seem reasonable for them to order that as a diagnostic test. Did your neurologist order it as such or was it put in as a request from you?