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I turned 69 yesterday & also was just diagnosed with Stage 3. Have Type 2 diabetes. My GP didn't suggest any kind of special diet other than keeping my A1c low nor did he suggest I see a nephrologist. Nevertheless, I've researched a lot about Stage 3 and have started on a low sodium, lower protein diet than I've been eating.

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@hopeinal Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are all patients here, sharing our experiences as we journey along our individual medical paths. And, happy birthday, a day late ;))

You're heading in the right direction, starting a low sodium/lower protein diet. There is much to be said about how we can change things in our lives style to help kidney disease! You will see a discussion thread from @kamama who created quite an informative recipe and what-to-eat for kidney disease. There is also the American Kidney Fund americankidney.org for their recipe kitchen on top tool bar, Renal Support Network rsnhope.org, Davita [a dialysis company] davita.com under their "diet and nutrition" on upper tool bar.

I am stage 4 at 22% function, and find diet a challenge, since there are other issues, too. You may very well want to ask for a referral to a nephrologist, to make sure you do all you can for your kidneys. Kidney disease can be a very quiet predator.

How are you feeling with the news of kidney disease?