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Jk, I hope this time the fluid retention is not as bad but boy did I feel tons better when my ankles and feet went back to normal. How long were you off Tymlos before going back on the injections? I read somewhere a patient was put on Tymlos every other day at half dosage. I wonder if this would work ? And maybe very few side effects and would it build bone. I hated to quit because it is supposed to build bone better and faster. Then switch to Prolia for maintaining what has been built for the rest of your life if the side effects do not get to you. Please be safe and keep me informed as to your progress. Kilh

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@kilh I only stayed off of Tymlos for two weeks. I felt pretty sure that the fluid retention was related to Tymlos but I need to reassure myself that was the problem because my endocrinologist had not heard of that side effect and suggested I see my PCP.

Now I am confident that Tymlos was indeed the problem. It did not resolve 100% in two weeks but it was definitely headed in that direction. My legs and feet look normal once again.