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I was given only one shoe, 2 cushioned shoe inserts, and small cushioning pads during this 3 week rest of my foot to see if the tear will heal. I’m working with all of them right now to see which feels best. My question about shoes is for the future, since my situation is chronic, just in case there might be specific companies that people found were better than others. Thanks for your suggestions.

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@mietzel, Your response is perfectly timed! We just got a text from son that tells us that he just needs to get a cushioned insert to match the height of the leg brace with a sole insert on the other foot! I am puzzled why the PT spinal cord doctor who ordered the insert did not mention that earlier in his recovery!
I am currently wearing a HOKA Recovery sandal that was recommended by my podiatrist last week. I have had pain in my heal since April, and attributed it to plantar fasciitis, I have been doing the stretches, the icing, and wearing a foot brace at night and it kept getting worse. So when he saw me he offerd me choice of injection or a short term topical application to reduce the inflammation. No meds due to my transplant medications.
I feel like I am walking on air. They have a high arch which he wants me to have. I found them locally and tried them on before purchasing. at a store that specializes in work boots and walking/running shoes. The owner told me that the nurses and teachers love the shoe version of my sandal. I don't know what you need for your foot, but I am going to try this brand for my next pair of walking shoes.
Have you asked your doctor about a brand or what to look for? Note: Go to a store where you can try them on and talk to someone who is knowledge about shoes. It is worth the extra money to be pain free.