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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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Has anyone ACTUALLY gotten it and can tell us about it? Everything I have searched for on here is people just considering it but I have not seen one person talk about getting it done and what the results were.

I'm 33 years old, I was 31 when I got diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. I was the picture of health, everyone guessed that I was 20 years old. Out of nowhere, I had acid reflux built up to my vocal cords because of the hernia and it took them 4 months to figure it out. The surgeon convinced me to do a Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, described it as "you'll only be out for 3 days and you'll be eating completely normal in 3 weeks." Sounded like a piece of cake, right?

After 3 weeks, I still couldn't eat anything besides Ensure and Jello, then I researched it and it was more typical that eating struggles were to continue 3-6 months in reality. After 6 months, I really started to panic. Long story short, it's been 2 and a half years since my surgery, and every day I am spitting up something if I attempt to eat it. It gets stuck in my throat. I have phlegm 247 no matter what I do.

I am at the point where I have had every single test done that I can, and the GI is telling me the only thing left to do is reverse it. I am worried about the risk. In trying to research it on my own, I can't even find anyone that has done a reversal to see what I can expect. I cannot live the rest of my life drinking smoothies for every meal.

Aside from wanting my health to improve, I am also wondering about suing the surgeon who make it sound like a no-brainer piece of a cake when I never would have done this surgery if I knew I literally wouldn't be able to eat normally again FOREVER.

Please, if you have had a reversal of a Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, tell us your results.


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I'm 75 and in good health when I had the surgery for a hiatal hernia, That was a year ago on july 9. Like you I've had numerous tests done and each time everything has been normal.
I'm just now getting to where I can eat without severe diarrhea. I'm a long way from being back to normal but getting better. I also had my gallbladder removed at the same time as the hernia surgery.

@apetix24, Hi and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have been through a lot in the past few years.

You will see that I moved your post to a discussion where others have had the same problem. I did this so you could connect with other members experiences too.

It looks as though @skipg above has had the same issues.

Have you talked to a surgeon about the possibility of a reversal and whether or not it would completely reverse the side effects of the initial surgery?

It has been a long journey.. and I am surviving. It is difficult.. especially dealing with other problems that come with age. I had achalasia and Barrett's esophagus before the surgeries at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. .. but the achalasia has worsened. I need another endoscopy to dilate my esophagus… and check the Barrett's.

My story is too long to type again… I wrote it out at my blog.. which I seem to have abandoned. I keep saying I will get back to it. No ads.

I recently had hiatal hernia repair and Nissen Fundoplication (07/28/23. I have lost 40 lbs, had to have a feeding tube placed and still cannot drink liquids other than milk. I cannot pass food at all. I have begged for a reversal and my doctor says she won't because of scar tissue. I have had hypersalivation since the surgery alongside severe foaming. I did not sign up for all of this! My life has been completely changed and I can no longer enjoy food or even going out in public because of the saliva 24/7. Any suggestions appreciated.Thanks