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How To Decide Next Steps After Lumpectomy.

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I had not heard of am Onco Dx test or score until I read information on this site. Could someone maybe explain – why do some women get the test and others don’t. Or how it is decided by surgeon decides when to do test.
I am 2 years post single mastectomy. There were no lymph nodes involved and I did not have to do radiation. How is it decided to perform an onco test? I am taking Anastrozole and am close to year two. I have not been spoken to about bone density meds, but my bone density numbers are going down and even in my last visit with my oncologist, he said I had osteoporosis and still never recommended meds. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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I cannot explain why some women get the test and some do not. That would be a question for your doctor. It was not invented yet when I started my journey. However I did find this information about it.
The doctor who said you had osteoporosis, did they address this issue at all? Have you asked him about the risk of fracture?

Like you, I had not heard of Onco DX test till read about on this site. I had my re check appointment few weeks ago and I asked my oncologist if it was done after surgery or results were in my records. The test was not run. She explained to me this way. The test is run to help determine a treatment plan. In my case, prior to surgery I already knew I had one positive lymph node. I had a lumpectomy for tumor and two positive lymph nodes were removed. The dr said based on pre and post surgery results, the care team knew chemo and radiation was the recommended treatment plan and the Onco DX test was not needed.

This is great question for anyone to ask oncologist or surgeon about benefit of test in their situation.

Laurie Miller .