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How To Decide Next Steps After Lumpectomy.

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Whatever is the best treatment for you is best. If I can help you wade through some of the choices, I would be happy to do so. There are a lot of people here have been through an enormous variety of treatments. There is a recurrence predictor called an onco DX score. That along with your particular cancer will guide your doctors recommendation. I would start now writing down questions for my oncologist, so that I don’t forget any. You do not have decide on the spot, you can have some time to research and come to a decision. I am truly hoping some other folks will chime in here with some more thoughts. Did your doctor mention any specific drug for therapy?

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I did not have an Onco DX test. I asked my breast surgeon about it during my last visit with her but she said it really wasn't something I needed based on my cancer. She did say that if either the radiation or medical oncologist wanted to run the test they still could. I plan on asking my medical oncologist about it at my appointment on Thursday. My breast surgeon (who is with Johns Hopkins and specializes in breast cancer) did not seem to think that radiation would be necessary. She mentioned that the chance of recurrence for me was small. When I mentioned my concerns about side effects associated with endocrine therapy she did say that if I couldn't tolerate it and had to stop it would be okay.