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The learning curve is entirely up to you. How much you are prepared to do to improve how your brain and the CI work together. Some folks I’ve talked to didn’t push their learning past the first weeks or didn’t seek other voices, use the TV, listen to audiobooks etc. and so they are unhappy with their CI. Others worked like I did - pushing themselves and those around them to work that brain and train it to hear with the CI.
I worked every day, twice a day for 45 min each time for the first 8 months. I still work with a music app for Cochlear to refine my instrument identification skills and with Angel Sounds for speech in noise etc.
At first everyone sounded like Elmer Fudd. I was so astonished to be able to understand them that it didn’t bother me - did make me laugh sometimes in those early days. I worked with lots of different people of varying registers of voice, speaking styles, accents… so that my CI hearing was always challenged. My grandson did FaceTime with me and his kid voice saying words off a list was really a challenge.
You see, I couldn’t understand speech at all. I was a stellar face and speech reader so I “got by.” My CI gave me speech understanding - I can go to movies, listen to music, understand my grandkids, understand guys with deep voices and mumbly diction… I was willing to work my non-existent fanny off for any improvement while at the same time being happy to understand at all.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I live out of country where everyone has different accents which I never experienced when I had both ears. Accents are impossible for me to get around using by aids.

Thanks, Lizzy, your words motivate and inspire me as I wait to have my Osia processors fitted a week from tomorrow. After 15 years of just doing the best I can with hearing aids, I look forward to working at learning what I can achieve by this new way of hearing.

Are you willing to share how old your were when you got your CI? I have a couple of friends who have them and one did really well, because he worked at it, as you did. The other one did not do as well and invested little effort into it. Am wondering if age has any bearing.

Is CI the only effective/useful option for musicians? Since I don't qualify for CI due to hearing loss in my other ear, to whom or where can go to find an alternative solution? Tnx