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@kilh I'm sorry you had such adverse reactions to Tymlos, my experience has been much better so far.

What medication will you proceed with now? I know it can be a difficult choice, it seems as if most doctors favor Reclast. I am already thinking ahead to what I will do when I stop doing Tymlos.

@amandajro @dugs1948 I started Tymlos at the beginning of March. Initially I had some light-headedness the next morning (I do the shot before bed) but that resolved. My heart rate never increased, the only side effect I have now is fluid retention. Many refer to it as "puffy belly" since it seems to accumulate there. It is definitely fluid.

I have a scale that gauges fluid and my fluid level was high. I wanted to be sure that Tymlos was the cause so I stopped doing the injections for two weeks and sure enough my fluid retention decreased. I am also noticing the fluid in my feet and lower legs.

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I started on Fosamax for almost three years. It did nothing. Then years last they started me on Reclast but having implants stopped that. I got two out of five transfusions. Then years went by again they decided on Tymlos. Now in a few months, they are going to try Proplia. But reading patient reviews it has the same side effects. Where we go from here who knows.

I am sorry about the fluid retention which I never had except for all the side effects I experienced and in the morning I was so fatigued I really never got done I should. Here it is almost August and I have not planted my garden and I really needed to can this year. And we sold all my sheep so I have fewer chores to do and now only have the cattle left for chores and putting up hay. Even off the Tymlos I still have not gained any strength back and get done only what I have. I wished I could have lasted 20 more months. My Drs. say that Tymlos builds bone faster than what is on the market and then switch to Prolia for the rest of my life.

You are right about the fluid retention. It is has been two weeks since they took me off and now my output has increased alot. One more side effect I can add to my list. The week or two before my feet and legs were swollen but not now.