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Well, I've been trying not to admit it, but I have the herpes virus. I take acyclovir, but I have outbreaks. I've read on Wikipedia that recurrent herpes infections are a complaint. I'm assuming that if I suppress my immune system, that herpes will run rampant. I have a 'shingles outbreak' on my right arm, I had herpes a couple years before it was diagnosed properly, because I get it on my arm.

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Molly, stigma can make it really hard to admit having a virus like the herpes virus. I'm glad you did. Have you talked to your doctor about your concerns with recurrent infections while taking a drug that suppresses your immune system?

This may be a good new discussion to start in the Autoimmune Disease group to get more thoughts from fellow members.

Hi @Erinmfs have you tried avoiding foods containing high amounts of the amino acid L-Arginine? The herpes virus thrives on the amino acid. Some foods to avoid will be caffeine, seeds and nuts, and rice to mention a few. The amino acid L-Lysine will counteract the L-Arginine. Perhaps taking the supplement L-Lysine will help decrease the number of outbreaks. Talk to your physician about the supplement. Does taking an antiviral medication give you a headache? For me I preferred the outbreak rather than the headaches. The antiviral medication is not a cure. It only lessens the cycle of the virus. I did not see a significant difference with the medication. The virus becomes dormant in the body. It needs L-Arginine to thrive. I saw a better solution through changing my diet. For a while I took the supplement L-Lysine daily and it did decrease my outbreaks. I later learned to better control my outbreaks through diet only. I not only watched what I ate but also how much I ate. So far it has worked out really well. I may get an outbreak every 3 years. Wish you well.