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Balance, high blood pressure medications, and …

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@ray666 If you want to consider Mayo and if your insurance is in network, you will find the best of the best there. They have done awake brain surgery on musicians and had a patient play the violin during surgery. The violinist had spasticity in his arms and they were finding the spot for electrical stimulation to stop the shaking so he could play his instrument. That was in the Ken Burns documentary on Mayo Clinic. It was excellent and very educational. The good thing about Mayo is they don't waste your time because they are very efficient in getting all tests and imaging done. I wish I had gone there first. If you saw my surgeon there and asked him who was the best to make sure to save your voice, he would give you an honest answer. Why not go to the #1 neurosurgery hospital?

If you would like get a second opinion from Mayo Clinic, you can find the contact information for the Minnesota, Arizona and Florida campuses here http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

You can request to send records and imaging to a specific surgeon. I did, and I chose Dr. Fogelson because his interests matched my needs and because when I read a paper he had co-authored, it led me to medical literature with cases like mine, so I knew he would know what all the other non-Mayo surgeons had missed.

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Good morning, Jennifer

I may very well want to talk to someone at Mayo. A sensible Step One, I would imagine, is finding out if my insurance is compatible (Medicare + United Healthcare Advantage). I'll start doing some research on that later today.

I have a friend who went out of his way and flew to Rochester for some tricky heart surgery––"tricky" in that my friend sensed hesitancy in his local surgeon. My friend returned not only with a healthy heart but also boundless praise for the care he received at Mayo.

Merry Thursday!