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@joyces Yes, I'm surprised you did not get a reminder about your appointment with the vet. Seems every business does that. So, you are not alone in missing an appointment, but for a different reason. Shame on them for charging you extra. You may want to make it a habit to repeat back important details before leaving a place to help avoid a reoccurance.
I used to really struggle on the phone and would purposely not answer so that any message would go to voicemail. I could have my wife help with trying to understand the message, if I couldn't figure it out myself. I had since gotten an iPhone and could use the transcription to help understand any message. However, the best feature that the hearing aids/iPhone did for me was the direct streaming via Bluetooth. I haven't waiting until people leave voicemails in a long time. I do listen to more spam calls now that I pick up the phone, LOL.
Tony in Michigan

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Tony, the vet here in this small town has been almost the only game in town for decades, but the much smaller vet office has just built a big new building, so perhaps the competition will make them be more client-friendly. FWIW, not even all the docs here call to remind you of an appt. Small towns are different places! I've set up our Charter/Spectrum cable phone service to convert any messages to an e-mail, although that doesn't always work. If we had cell reception here, the streaming would be great. I even bought a much better router to get WiFi, but it's not compatible with the modem Spectrum provides: I installed it carefully, and lost the cable connection for phone and 'net! It's back in the box, with the Spectrum router in place. The lack of cell service really hurts when there's an evacuation: we didn't now that we'd been Phase 1 or 2, let alone 3, which is "leave immediately" last fall. I've arrange with my closest neighbor a quarter-mile away to let me know in the future. They live on a hilltop so have cell reception. Seems that you can't have deer or elk just outside your office window and still have cell reception: I've opted for the critters!

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