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Tony, you aren't the only one who believes (not just "thinks") that song is about Lucille!
Seriously, the biggest problem for me is making appts. via the phone. Covid has ramped this up. I used to be able to simply stop at the medical office to make an appt. without being unsure of the date or time; I live in a very small town where nothing is more than four or five miles away at the most. My cat needed a booster shot, so I called the vet, which I knew was open Mon-Sat. Heard the day and time, wrote it down, arrived 15 minutes early…and quickly learned that I was a day late: they had started being open on Sundays, and I had heard "Monday" instead, so I was a day late, but 15 minutes early. I had to pay $25 for a "walk in" appt.

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Yes, the phone can be one of our biggest challenges. There are some wonderful phones that provide captioning. Also cell phone apps that have speech to text capabilities. Have you tried any of these?

@joyces Yes, I'm surprised you did not get a reminder about your appointment with the vet. Seems every business does that. So, you are not alone in missing an appointment, but for a different reason. Shame on them for charging you extra. You may want to make it a habit to repeat back important details before leaving a place to help avoid a reoccurance.
I used to really struggle on the phone and would purposely not answer so that any message would go to voicemail. I could have my wife help with trying to understand the message, if I couldn't figure it out myself. I had since gotten an iPhone and could use the transcription to help understand any message. However, the best feature that the hearing aids/iPhone did for me was the direct streaming via Bluetooth. I haven't waiting until people leave voicemails in a long time. I do listen to more spam calls now that I pick up the phone, LOL.
Tony in Michigan

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