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It's very difficult for me to see humor in hearing loss. As a musician and professor of music, it is painful and embarrassing. In the history of health problems of musicians, deafness is considered the worst possible fate. Beethoven, for example, almost killed himself.

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I too was an educator in a different field. While I tried to be open and honest with my students about my hearing loss, there were often times when embarrassment hit the mark. When I started using assistive technology, it helped. It also showed because one of my best 'tools' was a hand held microphone that connected to my hearing aids with a plug in wire. (Today those devices are wireless.) I have had former students tell me they admired me for being open and honest. One told me that her parents had benefitted from her experience watching me. The technology available today is far better than it was back then. Do you use any assistive technology?

@jshdma I miss hearing the music that I remember. Losing hearing later in life may be worse than never having hearing. I was born with mild hearing loss but I am in the severe to profound range now. In case you do not know, there is a group of musicians with hearing loss. Here's the link: https://www.musicianswithhearingloss.org/wp/
I'm not a musician, but I've attended several of their virtual concerts.
Tony in Michigan