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Balance, high blood pressure medications, and …

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Dear Jennifer (@jenniferhunter),

Thank you a millionfold for your letter! Earlier, I started a 3-ring binder in which I’m saving everything related to my stenosis. Your letter is now in my binder. I’m also heading over in a few minutes to my partner’s house. She’s much concerned about my stenosis. I’ve made a second hardcopy of your letter to give to her.

I appreciate your willingness to help with this. I’ll let you know more as I learn more. This business is so new to me––less than 24 hours, although I’ve been trying (with so-so success) for almost a decade to assign a name to what’s been troubling me. As I believe I mentioned in my post, today, rather than feeling defeated by my diagnosis, I’m feeling somewhat triumphant: at last I’m able to ask the right questions of the right people. It’s a heady feeling!

Briefly (as I need to get over to my partner’s house): the report of my neck MRI concludes with “Impressions: (1) There are spondyloses, protrusions, and osteophytes in the cervical spine at the C3-4 through T1-2 level, (2) There is severe right foraminal stenosis at C4-5, (3) There is moderate canal and severe foraminal stenosis at C5-6, (4) There is severe bilateral foraminal and moderate canal stenosis at C6-7, (5) There is no cord lesion or compression, (6) There is moderate cerebellar atrophy.

I would imagine you can guess––this being so new to me––I barely know what any of this means!

And now I’d best get over to my partner’s house. Again, Jennifer, thank you for being there!


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Hi @ray666
I had a similar experience. I staggered when I walked and my legs were weak from Myelopathy. I had neck and shoulder pain and radiculopathy in both arms and hands. I had Ossification of the Longitudinal Ligament that was flattening my Spinal Cord at C5/6 and C6/7. I had an Anterior Discectomy and Fusion with Cadaver Bone and Titanium Plates and Screws in 2006. I had a difficult recovery with a lot of pain and ended up with a Paralyzed Vocal Cord. I could barely whisper. The Surgeon said there was a possibility I would never get my voice back, but fortunately it suddenly returned 3 1/2 months later. I had severe pain in my shoulders and arms for 3 months and numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand that lasted for a few years. The reason I had so much pain is because I can’t take Opioids. I took Darvocet (no longer on the market) Robaxin, and Gabapentin. After 4 months I was able to resume most activities but I had Tricep weakness for a few years where I had difficulty raising my arms above my shoulders. I had PT for about 8 visits to help with the shoulder pain and release the arm nerves with nerve glides. It did not resolve all of my issues, but improved them. It was a difficult surgery for me. But one Surgeon I saw told me if I were to be in a car accident and hit my head on the dashboard I would be paralyzed. I had a well trained Neurosurgeon who did his Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, and the Hospital built a new Neurosurgery Wing for him. It’s not an easy surgery for everyone.


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