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Small fiber neuropathy

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Hi Chris! Thank you for your response. To answer your question, I have numbness, tingling, random nerve pain, and lately, weakness and achiness in my limbs (esp. my legs!). I also have numbness, tingling, and sensitivity in palms and soles. Other symptoms also, but that is the jist. All this makes sleep very difficult. I am on some caridiac meds, but otherwise managing symptoms (unsuccessfully!) w lifestyle. I first started using CBD to help me sleep, and as you noted, seemed to build up a tolerance. Then, I changed to a 1:1 CBD/THC (up to 5 mg tincture) at night to help sleep. It helps, and I have heard from podcasts and such that is can help with neuropathy. I figure taking CBD/THC could be more effective than those other drugs! So, curious to learn more about efficacy of using it during the day (without feeling stoned!). Any thoughts, experience welcome!

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So sorry for my tardiness. I am getting ready for a TKR and have been playing catch up. I am glad you are helped with a 1:1 for sleep. I use a double dose 2:1 CBD/THC at bedtime. I save my 1:3 CBD/THC for my toughest pain and symptom days. Why you might ask…….because it really knocks me out and I sleep the day away. That's good for my pain tolerance level because my body plays catch up. It's not good because I get nothing done including responding to folks on Connect.

The numbness and tingling is helped by using the topical. You can test which one works best. The 1:3 CBD/THC or the 3:1 CBD/THC. According to the company P & B (Papa and Barkley), the Rich CBD version is great for chronic pain and the Rich THC version for acute pain. My experience verifies that recommendation.

I do not like to waste the whole day and I don't like the feeling of zoning out. At'lthough there have been changes in my methods and my results over the years, I also know that the consistency of the products has greatly improved. That's what happens with legalization……the companies have to crank up their production methods for development and testing.

Please check in…….what are you planning for your lifestyle changes? How does that work for you. Right now I am off on the sleep schedule, If I sleep or nap in the afternoon, then I stay up too late at night.

Do you have wake-up pain during the night?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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