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DanL (@tunared)

Looking for other experiences with Aricept.

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It's important to get things out and listen to others going through similar experiences. My wife has tried multiple types of drugs but all have had bad interactions. She is now off all pills and that seems like the best course of action for her. I try to watch out for the frustrations/anxieties and head them off by changing the directions she is heading, sometimes by just asking her to sit with me and pick out different shapes in the clouds. whatever works at the time. We know there is no medication to stop the MCI/dementia so we just take it one day at a time and enjoy it the best we can. So far the best thing that has worked for my wife is exercise. she/we will go to the gym and work out on a bike/treadmill/eliptical for 2 hours and watch some tv at the same time. gym is expensive but it is worth the money because she sleeps at night. take care of yourself

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Oh DanL, Thank you! I find your words comforting.
My hubby and I ran a 5K in May and surprisingly he placed 2nd in his age group. He could have been first but he wanted to run with me (I think to make sure I finished alive). He really does not like running…but from doing the run and the surprise of placing stirred up so many endorphins that I thought he might be getting better. Wishful thinking at best, but always room for hope!!
We try to keep active and look for fun things, especially on the questionable days…and we are trying to make things on our retirement bucket list happen at a much faster pace than we had planned. We are trying to enjoy life as much as possible, and trying to take care of things that we can. He is still physically strong and does a lot around here, but we also pay others to do chores much more than we had expected when he is still only 66. I an grateful for any moments that I can be with him, even when he is anxious, sad, grumpy, loving, lost, searching for words or….
Thanks for your wise words and your advice, take care of yourself as well.