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Small fiber neuropathy

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Good evening @icassotta, May I also welcome you to Connect. You are only 57 and have had idiopathic SFN for 3 years. What is your pain level compared to the worst pain you have ever experienced? What else have you been using?

I have been using medical cannabis for at least 5 years. I began with the strains and then moved to made-up dosages of CBD and THC. I have never micro-dosed THC. For one thing, there are no placebo groups or double-blind research efforts. I am satisfied with the options available for different times of day and levels of pain. I use everything from a 2:1 CBD/THC to a 1:3 CBD/THC. I also use both topical balms and tinctures.

My experience has taught me that just like other medications, our bodies become less than content with the initial dose and we have to increase the quantity of one or both of the ingredients. That is challenging enough for me to get it right. I rely on two companies that I have trusted since my introduction to medical cannabis.

I am here for you if you have additional questions or just want to run something by me. Where on your body is your pain the heaviest? Do you also have numbness and tingling?

May you be physically healthy.
May you be mentally healthy.


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Hi Chris! Thank you for your response. To answer your question, I have numbness, tingling, random nerve pain, and lately, weakness and achiness in my limbs (esp. my legs!). I also have numbness, tingling, and sensitivity in palms and soles. Other symptoms also, but that is the jist. All this makes sleep very difficult. I am on some caridiac meds, but otherwise managing symptoms (unsuccessfully!) w lifestyle. I first started using CBD to help me sleep, and as you noted, seemed to build up a tolerance. Then, I changed to a 1:1 CBD/THC (up to 5 mg tincture) at night to help sleep. It helps, and I have heard from podcasts and such that is can help with neuropathy. I figure taking CBD/THC could be more effective than those other drugs! So, curious to learn more about efficacy of using it during the day (without feeling stoned!). Any thoughts, experience welcome!

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