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@katherine345 You may want to look at my long post above yours about reactions to the vaccine ingredients. I have reacted to a lot of stuff and had an allergic reaction to my first Pfizer Covid vaccination a few months ago, and I could not get a second dose. I recently got the J & J to complete my Covid vaccinations. That is a bit hard to find since most US pharmacies in my area are doing either Pfizer or Moderna. I believe I had an allergic reaction to "PEG" polyethylene glycol which is an ingredient. I was able to get the J & J which uses Polysorbate 80 instead of PEG, and that can cause cross reactions if you have allergies to PEG. I managed fine by proactively using antihistamines, vitamin C, and my asthma inhalers on my doctor's advice. Recent stories about the J & J vaccine said it was effective against the Delta variant.

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Wow you have really been through a lot. I don’t think my problem is related to an allergic reaction but rather caused by administering the shot in the wrong location or too deep. I am quite thin with very thin arms. My should area is not very meaty. The needles they use are very long and if the muscle mass is not that great I could see going too deep into the bursa. Or another thing that can happen is the shot is given too high on the arm. I have had other cortisone shots that have really helped- in my lower back. I’ve also never had a problem with other vaccinations so I don’t think it has to do with allergies. It I am concerned about if I am fully vaccinated because I read that if it goes in the bursa you will not get the desired immune response of the vaccination.