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Thank you for putting my post with the others that deal with Frozen shoulder caused by an incorrectly delivered COVID vaccine. The shoulder continues to be frozen, but the sharpe pains have decreased over the last month (4 months since vaccine) but my real major concern if only being partially vaccinated with the Variants entering the US. Dr. Fauci said 1 shot is only 30 percent effective against the COVID Variants. I still can't get any advice about the safety of getting a 3rd Pfizer shot. As far as I know antibody tests are still not considered a good indication of how vaccinated a person is and booster shots are not yet available. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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@katherine345 You may want to look at my long post above yours about reactions to the vaccine ingredients. I have reacted to a lot of stuff and had an allergic reaction to my first Pfizer Covid vaccination a few months ago, and I could not get a second dose. I recently got the J & J to complete my Covid vaccinations. That is a bit hard to find since most US pharmacies in my area are doing either Pfizer or Moderna. I believe I had an allergic reaction to "PEG" polyethylene glycol which is an ingredient. I was able to get the J & J which uses Polysorbate 80 instead of PEG, and that can cause cross reactions if you have allergies to PEG. I managed fine by proactively using antihistamines, vitamin C, and my asthma inhalers on my doctor's advice. Recent stories about the J & J vaccine said it was effective against the Delta variant.