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Surgery for GERD

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I have been having severe esophageal spasms and acid reflux for a couple of years. In June 2020, I had the Toupet Fundoplication surgery, which helped for only a while. I am now having multiple spasms every day which feel like I am having a heart attack and being stabbed at the same time. I also lose my voice when these occur. I have tried numerous medications to prevent the spasms but none have worked. I am using muscle relaxers, pain killers, Nitroglycerin and a GI cocktail every day just to try to control the pain. A recent endoscopy shows that the Fundoplication has come loose in one area and acid & bile are coming back into my esophagus. I have seen several gastroenterologists and my current one has stated if my newest medicine does not work, he will be referring me to the Mayo clinic. I will likely have a battle with my insurance company in Oklahoma since that is out of network.

Having explained all this, my questions are: If someone is referred to the Mayo clinic, does that start by the current physician sending their medical records to the appropriate specialist (at the Mayo clinic) for review? And then the specialist determines if it is something that they can try to treat? Are video visits a possibility or would we have to drive across the country for an in-person office visit, without knowing if treatment is even an option? Any information about this process would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @dannyl and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll see that I moved your post to a discussion that was talking about the issues you are dealing with so that you could connect with people here and members like @cim37343, @astaingegerdm, @kimh, @franduffy, and @sylviasparks

Video appointments are definitely available right now. Have you reached out to Mayo at all to try to obtain an appointment?

I had Linx surgery at Mayo in 2014 and follow up scopes. I realized I hadn't had a recent scope so since I've been a patient at Mayo for years I could get an appointment. Was told since it has been 3 years I am no longer considered a patient and they are not taking new patients!

@dannyl I lived in OK for 20 yrs…. now in central IA.. I had a botched Nissen fundoplication here in IA that the locals could not figure out what they had done wrong.. after losing 50 # I got a referral to Mayo MN.. The Mayo GI figured it out that first day … post operative gastroparesis … they gave me a way to cope.. eating small portions often.. chewing very well .. etc.. the surgery could not be undone.. nor could they fix the damaged hairnet like network of nerves that makes the stomach empty..
The first thing you should do is see if your clinic or hospital is on the EPIC medical records network.. as Mayo and hundreds of other leading hospitals are.. that way Mayo only needs your approval to look at your OK medical records… I found it was helpful to have a referral as it worked for me the first shot….. even from your Primary Care Physician … I am on Medicare and a gap insurance partially funded by the OK Universities Group.. Good Luck..