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I had an apppointment(s) in Rochester recently, and here's what I did to pass the time in between them, I enjoyed myself:

Bought a pair of comfortable shoes
Enjoyed a Dairy Queen treat
Had a big burger at Newt's
Sat in the park outside the Mayo building (it's summer!)
Enjoyed an ice tea from the Grand Kahler's Starbucks

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Good morning......thanks for your list. I just want to add one item.....the Art Tour. We were there for 30 days a couple of years ago. We decided to visit every floor in the Gonda Building and become acquainted with the art and artists who created it. With 19 floors it took some time. We also sat in chairs on the floor that lets you view the peregrine falcons and their activities.

On Wednesday evenings at about 6 pm, there is a meditation group led by one of the pulmonary surgeons. You don't need any prior experience. I think it is on the floor overlooking the Chihuly sculptures right in the corner.

This maybe a very common thing to do, but I find a chair and catch up on my reading. The place I found that I like the best is subway level in the Charlton North Building near the elevators. It is a smaller area and feels secluded to me.

I hope I gave the right direction to where it is. Now that I know where I going on campus I now navigate using landmarks, just like when I drive. 😂 Annual checkups with the same doctors and tests each time makes it easy to navigate with landmarks. 😊

Silver Lake Park and the walking trails are the best .

I like to listen to the music in the Gonda building atrium when someone is there playing the piano. When I was at Mayo last summer for ankle surgery, I had a special concert just for me (and anyone who was listening) from nurse Genaida Benson. Aside from her Mayo duties, she brings peace and inspiration through her music. I visited with her on my followup visits and took great pride in showing her my progress in walking after months in a cast.