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I had ductal carcinoma, not lobular but I do have experience with chemo. If your pathology came back her2+, did it have a percentage of her2? This could be the reason why your doctor is recommending chemo. Your young age may have something to do with it as well, you have many years to enjoy life after cancer. I noticed on your pathology report that they implanted radiation seeds in your breast during surgery. This is a new type of radiation since I was treated, I hope you didn’t burn from them. I am a new mentor here, but I am hoping you will come back and have a conversation. Did you decide to take the chemo? Do you know what drugs you are taking?

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Hi, thank you for your reply!
My HER2 was negative.
The radiation seed was inserted only for 2 days. It was useful for them to find the location of the tumour. At least that is what I understood.
And they also checked to which lymph nodes it leaks to and they removed 4 accordingly. However they came back negative.
I still haven’t decided on chemotherapy yet.
I have a meeting on August 10 with the doctors to decide.

I had a radiation seed implanted the day before a lumpectomy. The surgeon explained that it helped identify the exact location of the biopsy, using equipment located in the operating room. It was removed, along with a titanium marker also inserted aforehand, during the surgery. I think, but don't know, that the purpose was to be expert vigilant in capturing any rogue cells that might have been displaced during the wide-needle, vacuum-assisted biopsy procedure.

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