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What you said about side effects from the vaccine is mostly '30-'40-'50s-year-olds is confusing. As a mentor for Connect involved in our Covid information group, there seems to be a lot of people who are older who very concerned about vaccine side effects and a lot who have them. How do we address this?

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At 73, I recived the Moderna Covid shots in January and February,2021. I had some mild side effects after my second shot that lasted a few hours. My response to people who who are concerned about side effects remind me of my youth when I got the polio vaccine.Ihad friends, childhood friends in iron lungs, isolated with braces and spent an entire summer unable to leave the confines of my yard and home. Better to get the Covid19 vaccine and have some short term effects than get very ill Covid19 with long haul Covid19 or possibly die. I have lost 5 unvaccinated friends and acquaintances to Covid19 and it's side effects as recently as three weeks ago. Yes, there are so many unknowns as this virus continues to change and yes there are concerns. As an adult, I am more concerned that those unvaccinated will unknowingly spread Delta and now the Lambda variants to especially the children who are unable to get vaccinated yet. Over 600K Americans, of all ages have died.How many more will until people get vaccinated. This is a grown up decision. If you choose to not get vaccinated, mask, stay home and please protect others from your decision.