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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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@fourof5zs I finally got a televisit appt ( my choice first before traveling 3 hours to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville). Sept 7 th . I waited 9 weeks on waitlist to get appt in Sept ( another 9 week wait ). I’m still exactly the same but actually think I’m getting worse weekly ( after not a days break in symptoms in 7.5 years). I was on antidepressant 6 weeks but it was causing me even more anxiety. I’ve tried a few over the years since this makes me so down . I do have RX for years for anti anxiety med to take as needed . I just cannot believe what is going on in this gut and intestines daily and nightly.
It’s relentless whether I have food to digest or it’s completely empty .
I pray 🙏 so hard this young Gastro Dr. will be able to help solve this . This is my last hope . I’ve exhausted all options after this .
@gastrogirl i wanted to let you know this too .
How are you all doing now ?
God Bless , Rosemary

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@ rozy288

Rosemary I am glad you had someone listen to you. I wish your appointment was sooner.

I know I saw a few gastroenterologist when I was in the hospital at Mayo in Jacksonville. .. I can't remember their names. When I was assigned Dr Francis she said she knew my case well and had seen me when I was in the hospital. I had seen so many doctors that I did not remember her. She said I was infamous. Not sure I want to be known as infamous 😂. Most of the time I see her NP Lois. I have not made my appointment yet at the Mayo. I am going to see how my appointment goes with our local Urogynecology doctor on Wednesday. My husband is a little worried about my swallowing. I told him I am just going to do softer foods for awhile. Sometimes you have to try and figure out which part of the body is screaming loudest. .. right now it is my bladder.

Rosemary, my prayers are with you as you go through this journey.