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Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement

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Good evening @b42 and a hearty welcome to Connect. I am so sorry to read your post about your feet. Have you been diagnosed with any other conditions that have body sensations? I did not have this problem after my TKR and I have another TKR in a couple of weeks. So, my dear, I am very interested in your unwelcome situation.

It would be great if you could tell us more and whether you have related your symptoms to your surgeon. In the meantime, the best treatment I can recommend is MFR, Myofascial Release therapy. Twice a week I have the therapist work on my feet to get feeling back into them that is not pain or numbness.

If I did not do the MFR, I would not be walking or driving. So, even though you have not been diagnosed with any form of neuropathy…..these symptoms are certainly present.

If you can, please try a Yoga pose called "Legs up the Wall". You can find good explanations on Youtube. I do that at least once a day if not more. When you are in that position, flip your feet back and forth if you can. And then turn your ankles round and round.

Please let me know if this helps. Are you already scheduled for exercise with a PT?

May you be free, safe, and protected from inner and outer harm.

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