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I have severe osteoporosis and am more scared of the treatments than I am of breaking a bone. Does anyone have experience with the idea of wearing extra weight to keep bones strong?

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There is a lot of information if you Google – the trick is to drill down to the facts/science, not the sales ads. Here is one discussion: https://americanbonehealth.org/exercise/weighted-vests-for-bone-health/
There are some other studies, too. All of them rely on:
– Concurrence by your physician
– Long-term adherence to a weight-bearing exercise routine while wearing the vest. The studies cite a 3X/week jumping exercise – if your osteoporosis is severe, it may not be for you.
– Other non-drug management strategies – diet, stop smoking, etc
– Careful fitting, and proper amount of weight.

In other words, just like every other therapy or treatment, it is an active process, not just a matter of putting on the vest. The best way to start would be to find a PT who deals with osteoporosis, to design a treatment based on your body, and to fit the vest for you.

Please let us know if you decide to try it – it would be wonderful to have a non-pharma option.

This is exactly is what’s going on with me. So scared of treatments for. I can’t believe in the age that we live that there isn’t someone who couldn’t come out with a med safer without all the horrible side effects. It’s sad. Thank you for info on vests. I would agree you need to find help in making this decision also. God bless all of you.

Hello @cpd and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I see @sueinmn has jumped in to provide you with some resources as you investigate which option may work best for you.

You will notice that I have moved your post into an existing discussion on weighted vest so that you may also scroll back through the previous comments to learn from others as well as connect with members like @fiesty76 and @sallyjoan.

Have you consulted with your doctor about your interest and to see if you would be a good candidate?