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I wish I could get into mayo clinic. I tried but they would not let me come. Shattered my L4 3 yrs ago and have had neck fusion about 6 yrs before that. Neck is going bad now and back and leg pain. Bladder problems. Saw a new ortho Dr. He said he wouldn't touch my back now to muck wrong. Only way to treat pain is through injections. Epidural steroid, Si joint, and My RF'S.

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@suerc I am so sorry you were denied coming to Mayo. Was that a long time ago? What department did you apply to? Has your spine status changed since then?

I think you should seek other opinions. Surgeons are often reluctant to operate on cases that they think may not be successful, and that is also determined by the skill of the surgeon, and you might get a different opinion from a surgeon who routinely takes difficult cases. I ran into that in the 2 years before I came to Mayo because surgeons convinced themselves that I had problems they could not fix. Coming to Mayo made all the difference for me.

If this is something you wanted to try again and ask for a review of your imaging, I can try to help. I don't work for Mayo, but I got into Mayo after 5 local surgeons refused to help me over a period of 2 years of trying. Can you share more details about your condition? Would your insurance cover Mayo if you were accepted?