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Muscular skeletal side effects from radiation

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Oh boy you hit the mark! I had double mastectomy. And while I believe I had the best of care & doctors, somehow this was left out. Excruciating pain when trying to lift my arm. Couldn’t open my arm straight. I was still seeing my dr every week so I told her. She immediately had me signed up for therapy. I had 3 nodes removed, so I learned it was expected from a protocol, just got overlooked. I reread all my notebook I was given and nothing! I am still feeling some pain but the cording popping was a lifesaver. Knowing to wear compression sleeve and glove when traveling is comfort too. My pain did go down my chest and ribs. And still does when I really stretch. It’s still there, but I am aware what the pain is and try to stretch it out 2 years later.
I wrote to the head of the department to let him know that although they helped me, I would have appreciated knowing beforehand.
One aspect I’m sure of; they tried very hard not to overwhelm cancer treatment patients. I wanted to know everything. They instead took me a step at a time. I knew radiation was coming, but they kept me in the present. It was a good thing, bc my symptoms overwhelmed me many times. For example, my tongue kept swelling up. I even made a microfiber little tongue ‘pillowcase’ to keep it away from my teeth. I can laugh about it now. I thought I had a great new invention. That’s how wrapped up we become. But it still would have been better to know what was happening w my arm before it happened. Best I can offer is to write and let them know to include it in their ‘what you should know’ notebook.

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I have reached out to providers. I find it ironic that some of my friends not Mayo patients who have breast cancer were automatically referred to PT/PMR before surgery and after radiation. It did not matter what type of surgery or radiation. It was just standard practice. The PMR folks will reel you they would like to see you before interventions so they can get baseline measurements and provide education and pre and post therapy suggestions.

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