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Trying to understand seizures

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Jul 29, 2021 | Replies (16)

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@jakedduck1 – I did stop taking my Lamotrigine years ago, because it left me in a fog (I'm an engineer and Software developer – and it was running my career). The neurologist couldn't explain my seizures other than an electrical storm in my brain, and here's some medicine to prevent it. I debug issues in my software all the time, and have to find the true issue, and that is what I had to do with my seizures – not a quick hack for a band-aid fix. I'm not saying the artificial sugar chemicals are causing my seizures, because 3 different makes of artificial sugars all caused seizures with me. I'm thinking my bodies metabolism is confused, because even if it's artificial sugar, it still thinks I'm digesting large amounts of sugars (I found the days of seizures I normally consumed large amounts of artificial sugars: controlled intake of only diet coke-aspartame, water flavoring-sucralose, or flavored water-stevia when I was researching my seizures), and it doesn't understand why my sugar is so low because I shot up insulin too early or too much, and having very low sugar level. I'm hoping someone here is a researcher looking into this cause.

@lsittll one interesting thing about the seizures and different products of artificial sugars is the type of aura I would get before the seizure, they were not exactly the same. Not sure if this was due to length of time between seizures and researching but they seemed different.

Thanks for your inputs

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@artificial sugar if you mind me asking what type of seizure do you have? i.e. psychomotor.. Psychomotor seizures, which I have, have auras that can manifest themselves in many ways.