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Pressure taping is actually a specific therapy, done using a special tape, that remains in place for 1-7 days at a time. The technique was first developed around 40 years ago with a product called Kinesio Tape, but there are now several brands available. This is the fancy, colorful tape you see all over professional, elite and weekend athletes. It is also widely used for therapy and support after injury or surgery.

The EXACT reason the technique works is not totally understood, but it is believed that the properly applied tension on the tape pulls the skin and fascia slightly away from the surface blood vessels, improving blood flow. This in turn prevents injury, promotes healing and/or relieves pain. Therapy tape can also be used on an injured joint to support it, with the stretch allowing a certain amount of swelling to take place without impeding blood supply.

These therapies require assessment by a physiotherapist with knowledge of taping to determine which muscles and joints are causing the most pain, which require taping using varying degrees of stretch in the tape (for multiple points there are specific patterns) and in which order. Tape is applied, reaction is assessed after a few days, and it is adjusted until the most benefit is felt. It is difficult to apply this tape by yourself, or even with assistance, without a demonstration and explanation of the how and why for each piece.

I provided this background by way of telling you how to do this is beyond our scope here, to explain to you how to do it yourself. But it may be a very good idea for you to seek someone to help, because it may also be an excellent technique for your thumb. I used it for several years before corrective surgery.

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Thank you I recognise I cannot do it for myself particularly on my shoulders and back and I wanted to inform my physiotherapists tomorrow what pattern would be most effective so I want to tap into other people's experience