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that link seems to go to lots of videos i canot find the one you talking about which is the same company for what i have

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@lotsofpain Oh darn it, I thought that might happen. Ok, it’s the video with the title: ZSZBACE Back Brace Review. It’s not the same brand as yours, but after looking at the photos you sent, it will work the same way.
**this is the same link as before but look for the ZSZBACE it has Green lettering in the title**

Ok, your photos were very helpful!! The way you have it lying on the bed is the perfect place to start. It is in the correct orientation to wear. You are looking at the inside of the brace. The way you can tell in the future is the little tag on the left belt portion looks like it will be the inside.

But let’s call it a jacket instead of a brace. So as it is lying on the bed, pick up the jacket by the shoulders (top of straps) and hold it up in front of you. As you look at it, the white tag on the bottom left will be in your left hand,

Now, let go of the right shoulder (strap) and rotate a little and slip your right arm into the left arm hole. Just like slipping on a jacket. Then reach behind your left side and grab the left belt tab so it’s more in front. Then slip your left arm in the arm hole.

Now you essentially have the jacket on with two loose ends in the front. Pull those together until comfortable and press the Velcro together.

Another analogy would be like slipping on a backpack. You won’t have this upside down if the straps are on top and the belt portion is just that, a belt. Is this helpful?? We’ll get there! I promise. ☺️