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@lotsofpain This looks like a torture device! Giggle. Would you mind retaking the photo of the instructions so that we can get a better look? The photo is a bit blurry so it’s difficult to tell about the adjustments.

Also, if you’d add a photo of the actual brace lying on a table or bed, with the front closure opened up so that we can see how it should close…what the mechanics are for closing.

Basically it looks like you’ll open the front closure and open the brace. Then place the straps over your shoulders like a backpack. With that complete, reach around the back, bring the two loose ends to the front and close the Velcro around your waist.
The photo I can’t make out is what she is pulling. I think they may be tightening straps that are adjusted after the belt portion is secured around the waist. If that’s the case, you should only have to adjust them the first time you wear this. Then after that, open the Velcro closure at the waist and slip off or on.

Does that sound reasonable? I think a better photo will help.

In the meantime I found this video online. It’s the closest one I could find to your brace. It’s long but around the 4:35 minute mark, the man actually puts on the brace. (There are commercials at the beginning that you’ll be able to skip when prompted).


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that link seems to go to lots of videos i canot find the one you talking about which is the same company for what i have