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Hi Faith, In 2018, I broke my hip from a fall while on vacation in Canada. At the hospital in Trois Riveres, I rec'd a "partial" hip replacement. I don't have pain from the hip, but I guess it has gravitated to severe spinal stenosis. After 2years I started epidurals. The first did nothing, but after the 2nd one I am experiencing neuropathy. The Neurologist did an EMG and diagnosed I needed surgery on my back. Physical therapy hasn't helped, so next try is acupuncture. Never give up!!

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Hi Sharon – After my 5th hip replacement surgery, I was in the grips of severe back pain as well, but couldn't face another surgery or epidural.

After consultation with my Ortho surgeon, he referred me for comprehensive gait therapy and water and land-based PT. His concern was that I had limped so long on my bad hips (one was actually "frozen" before surgery) and had other complications, that I never really relearned to walk correctly. This wasn't just any typical PT, it was through a rehab institute, and they were marvelous. After a couple months of twice weekly PT and weekly pool therapy, the pain level became manageable and life went on.

Fast forward 8 years – I was in pain again and saw a PT specialized in pain management for several months – got a custom stretching and exercise program, myofascial release of the worst points, and I'm back on track.

I have also used acupuncture and chiropractic care as part of my management strategy, as well as occasional oral or injected (but not in my spine) steroids to calm huge inflammatory flares.

I will continue to pursue PT, alternative strategies and pain management as long as I can in place of surgery.