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Duloxetene for neuropathy & back pain

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Thank you Chris, I have been taking Gabapentin for approx 5 yr, 300 mg 4 X a day with oxycodone 10 mg 4 X day. I was wondering if duloxetine would work better for me as the gabapentin makes me fuzzy and unsteady and unable to think ect. Its my understanding that duloxetine is a antidepressant and I am already taking Zoloft, do you know if the duloxetine could replace the Zoloft. I am desperate to try anything as the pain is unbearable at times. It was in late afternoons and now its all day but worse at night and in feet and in past 6 months has moved up to below knees, I also have RLS and when the two set in at same time, I walk the floors and cry. Thanks Chris for being there for all of us who suffer this disease Hope you are rewarded and have a blessed day. Zailey

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Changing your medication may help but I wanted to make sure you've been taking it awhile. 3 months or so.
Also your Zoloft could be causing problems. Your doctor would probably let you take more Gabapentin at night.
maybe your doctor would like to take it all at night I would think that would make things better. I take all my medication in the morning but if I wanted I could take it at night but I just couldn’t remember to take it at night. whatever you say a lot of the time after you’ve been on these meds for probably a few months side effects greatly improve. so you have a number of choices. keep in mind the Cymbalta may or may not have side effects as well.
Good luck and take care,