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I am old and crippled up

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In my area,9-1-1 does not go to a hospital, it goes to a call center where they decide on whether or not to refer it to the sheriff's office. I just do not want the sheriff involved.
Yes, I have been told that I am too old for surgery. The VA told me that they do not like to work on anyone over 65..
Thank you.

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@okwrangler. Hello, Wrangler. We're hearing a lot of "yes, BUT…" in your response to our suggestions. You are desperate for help right now, and you simply must take a positive stand toward assistance. If calls to 911 go to a call centre in your area and they then make the decision to involve the sheriff (or take you by ambulance to hospital?), why do you fear getting the sheriff involved? Surely, even if the sheriff was involved you would ultimately get the help you so desperately need. It seems, because you've contacted VA, you are a veteran? There must be someone there to advocate for you?
Don't give up, Wrangler. With a handle like that, you must have been a tough brave soul. Dig deep. Find your Inner Wrangler again. Call 911 today.