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Receiving blood from blood bank for lung cancer surgery

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@texasgal121 You wrote: "It does stay in a person’s blood, thus blood clots, etc. So facing lung cancer surgery has now been magnified by trying to find blood donors who have not had the shots or finding a hospital that uses the cell saver machine." I cannot find any document that says it is unsafe to receive blood from a donor who had the vaccine, or any documented cases where blood clots or Covid infection has occurred.

And: " ALL of the Covid “vaccines” are experimental, not totally approved by the FDA, and do not even meet the criteria for a vaccine according to the CDC. " That first part is true – they are still experimental. But after one year of injections, billions of doses, and the amazing efficacy in highly vaccinated countries, I believe the Red Cross is within its purveiw to treat the EUA as acceptable, otherwise they would have no donor pool.

As to whether it is a vaccine, how does in to meet this CDC definition: "Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose."

@avmcbellar You wrote : "I too would be concerned for any increased risks of blood clots especially if a blood transfusion is needed during surgery. I have heard people vaccinated for the covid 19 should not be flying because of the increased risk with blood clots. Why doesn’t the media give a warning to all those travelers? " Again, where? I cannot find anything documented.

I checked NIH, FDA, WHO, CDC, Red Cross, American College of Thoracic Surgeons publications and Web Sites.

Please, everyone remember that anecdotal reports on Blogs and Facebook are not conclusive proof. Coincidences occur – just because my [name a condition] flared up 3 weeks after vaccine doesn't mean the vaccine caused it. Just like reports that a person took/was given [name a medication or treatment] and their Covid went away does not mean the drug cured it.

The bottom line – there are undoubtedly some instances where it is necessary, out of an abundance of caution, to get blood for transfusion or blood products for infusion that have they very least possibility of issues. This might include for stem cell transplants or similar cases where a person has had their immune system demolished by chemo or radiation. But as of today, whole and part blood products are being used without reported incident.

Speculative discussions, without citing reliable sources, help fire vaccine fears. Please consider giving your sources in these discussions so other reading the posts can read them and make informed decisions. If you are not sure how to add a source, please ask a Mentor or Moderator to explain how to do it.

Thank you for being part of Connect, if we all work together to disseminate good, research and science based information, we can keep our community awesome!

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Dear Mentor: if these vaccines provided immunity, then why are some who have received the shots gotten Covid? Nine members of the New York Yankees came down with Covid 6 weeks after receiving the injections. People on cruise ships who have had the injections are coming down with Covid and infecting others. Some countries like Australia, France, Japan, and Germany have banned them altogether! The FDA has issued warnings to those who received the Pfizer or Moderna injections for heart inflammation. As for sources, listen to Dr. Jane Ruby or Dr. Judy Mikovits or Dr. Scott Jensen or America’s Frontline Doctors or a thousand other doctors and virologists who say these shots can be dangerous. Go to the CDC website and look at the VAERS reports! No one knows what can happen because the trials done before this mass push to get them were done in a very short period of time. Our granddaughter’s best friend, age 19, healthy, robust, energetic, got the shot and lost her hearing and her vision! Get the shot if you want, but I will wait and see what all the side effects are. And a I certainly do not want blood from a person who had one of these while I am in surgery!

@sueinmn thank you for your response. I appreciate your opinion. We all have our decision to make based on our lifestyles and beliefs. I can certainly understand you wanting to get vaccinated because of your high exposure risk since your children are in the medical field. Believe me I do listen to what qualified people have to say and because this is so controversial I am waiting. You have written, in a prior response, you could not understand why people are waiting. Well, this is the reason. It is hard to believe what the truth is. Perhaps you have a difficult time finding online information because of the search engine used. Many search engines have priorities as to what information people receive first. Remember, just because you have not heard it, it doesn’t mean the information or medical condition does not exist. Makes me wonder why online information such as videos from you tube get deleted. I can understand there may be some but these videos were from credible sources like physicians who had connections with other physicians for their information. By the way, I don’t insist their information is correct. I just take it all into account as with everything else regarding the vaccines and covid. It appears information has been mismanaged to benefit or mislead certain groups. Why the push for vaccines when they are experimental? Why would we do this to our young children when we do not know their health future? And how can it be said the vaccines are safe when all the facts are not known? I cannot make a decision not knowing both sides of the coin. What does safe exactly mean in this context? Does it mean it is safe to get now because we don’t know the possible effects in the future? I don’t like using fear tactics as a means for me to get vaccinated by posting the number of deaths. The numbers are all relative to the total population. The media won’t give that information. We heard in India many deaths but with the total population it puts the death numbers in perspective. You simply cannot only listen to the number of deaths. What happened to all those side effects reported to VAERS? Lots of time has lapsed from the beginning of the year when people started their reporting. Does it take this long for any mention? How can many reports be coincidental and not related to the vaccine? I can see some but many? It appears again for no negative response( not a word whether good or bad) in order to get more people vaccinated. I would think there would not be any hesitancy for positive findings.
A healthy individual may survive the coronavirus. What are the percentages of survivors of those infected with the disease? Yes, I understand there are after effects with the coronavirus but aren’t there side effects from the vaccines too? All to me is concerning especially when new technology is being introduced to produce the vaccines. For those who have comorbidities to increase their chances for death, they may benefit from the vaccine. It all depends on their lifestyle and exposure risk. Remember, the vaccines do not provide 100% no death. There have been reports of fully vaccinated individuals still being able to contract the virus and infect others. Of those some were hospitalized and some even died. With the deaths how are they measured? Is it deaths from the virus itself or deaths from the complications of other health issues? Understandably, people will have a different reaction when it comes to a medication. How about the fear of not knowing future medical issues with the vaccines? How can those medical issues(if any) be combated when no one can be held responsible? I certainly wouldn’t want to be a “guinea pig” again( the first time getting vaccinated) with a physician trying to resolve additional medical issues from the vaccine. When will it all end? Seems to be a vicious cycle when physicians can’t help. After all not much can be expected because the vaccines are experimental and the physicians are not accountable. Perhaps that is why some physicians don’t bother. They simply don’t know.

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