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Hello, i also have an autoimmune disease that was difficult to diagnose. Once an MRI was done which showed lesions on my brain, i went to a neurologist. But, yes, rheumatologists are frequently the doctors to go to. Start by keeping a journal of all the symptoms that bother you and how frequently they occur. Keep this journal to share with a doctor. Diagnosing autoimmune diseases s a very long and difficult process, I’m afraid. I recommend reading the discussions which Colleen posted.
– Tips for Getting a Proper Diagnosis of an Autoimmune Disease | Mayo Clinic Connect https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/tips-for-getting-a-proper-diagnosis-of-an-autoimmune-disease/

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@becsbuddy Becky, here in Oregon, and northern California all seem to work only with arthritis. I don't know why. I would like to find a good Geneticist who would work primarily with the aid of Telemed, Zoom, or the like. Purely by accident I happened across some clues that made me search by starting my deeper studies with some great organizations. AmbryGen.com, AncestryDNA, Sequencing.com, etc. Also some response lines like this one. If @boisland wishes, she can look for a good geneticist around her home area, or contact some of the geneticist organizations for references. I put a lot of money into a couple rheumatologists before I finally got it through my thick skull that they wanted nothing but arthritis patients. The smarter thing for Boisland, I think, would be to contact a genetics lab in that area, and ask them for a good geneticist. This person could actually be in UK or Afghanistan or Sudan, or even Rochester or Texas. If they know their business, virtual intervention would be fine. I once met a geneticist who worked while in a wheel chair permanently, but I can not find that person. They may have retired or passed on.