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Hi Sue, This has been a rough year with COVID and work. I am a nurse in a clinic. Stayed healthy all year doing airway clearance and 3%saline nebs. My ID doctor went on maternity leave. The ct scans are unchanged and sputum still shows Mac. So my choice to see if I could kick it was all for naught. This month I got a virus which landed in an exacerbation. Just sent in my sputum sample to see what’s up. Listening to podcast NTM talk. Made me wonder whether I have gerd or aspirations of some kind, that are keeping me sick. I’m going to practice a healthy gerd regimen until my doctor comes back and hope that the augmentin I am on (given in ER), will calm cough and sputum. Working hard to manage this.

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Oh well – It's the time of the year, apparently! I hope your regimen helps until you can see your doc.

I stayed completely well on 7% saline/levalbuterol nebs & inhaled Flovent through Covid 19, including travel and PT grandma daycare – only to come up with a horrid exacerbation 10 days ago. Coughing non-stop 24 hours and short of breath. My PCP is on a well-deserved one-month leave, and my Pulmo is available in August. So yesterday I saw a sub provider, who was more than willing to go with my provider's protocol, and confirmed no pneumonia & no apparent bronchiectasis changes with an x-ray (I was lucky the same radiologist read my last films, and thought to compare them). So we're trying duo-neb and Prednisone with a followup Pulmo appt. Here I though I had the magic formula!

Not exactly how I want to head out camping for 4th of July – hope I have an electric connection there!