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Pancreatic cancer reoccurrence

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I’ve been walking with the Lord for 42 years and He’s seen me through the good times and the not so good.

When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, He told me “You’re OK, I’ve got your back.” I knew it didn’t mean I was healed, just that whatever happened I was going to be OK. Then He gave me a peace I never knew before and He took away all fear. I could look at this as another phase in my life, “walking through the valley of death” with Jesus at my side.

That was in 2014. Even though the doctors at Duke said I probably wouldn’t make it to Christmas, the Lord in His Grace and mercy gave me 7 good years.

Now, once again the I find myself in that valley, but the sun is shining, and my hand is in His and I am at peace.

I can appreciate each and every day and not fear the future. If we can bring glory to God in our life, then why can’t we in our death?

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Your words were a blessing to me! I had a feeling that your life had a purpose as you face this time with confidence and hope. Thanks for sharing this.

@sadiegrace, you're so right when you say "So many people don’t have the chance to say “goodbye” and I am blessed that I do." I'm grateful that you are in hospice care and that you've taken the time to share with us. Go in peace and in the comfort that you have shared with many here in the Mayo Clinic Connect community. Your words, support and wisdom live on. Thank you.

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