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Medical Marijuana for chronic pain

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karmamamma (@karmamamma); Jun 15, 2021 – 8:51 am
Hello @karmamamma,
Welcome to Connect and thank you for your private message about medical cannabis. I am going to answer you here in the middle of the public forum, in a section dealing with Marijuana and Chronic Pain. Our purpose on Connect is to gain knowledge by sharing. As we all know, knowledge is power…….and therefore needs to be offered to everyone.

@karmamamma, I think there is a lot of information in this discussion that may help you in some way. I understand that you have severe osteoarthritis in your hip…..with the addition of a hardware breech. Like me, when you need a strong pain med that works, you chose Dilaudid. Many folks don't know about it because it is such an old standby.

You are now facing either a dilemma or an unwelcome decision. Congratulations, by the way on your successful liver transplant. You hoped to leave the Dilaudid behind and replace it with medical cannabis (marijuana). One of your nurses feels that the cannabis might interfere post-transplant with Tacrolimus. Is there research to be discovered about this possible connection?

My energy these days is spent trying to keep up with the cannabis legal issues in a lot of statuses and getting a grasp on new products and better products that appear so frequently.

For starters, I am going to ask @suinmn and @hopeful33250 to share what research information they might have about Tachro. They are fellow mentors and known for being very thorough. Thank you for thinking of Mayo Connect. We are here for you.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Thank you very much for your response I have taken it upon myself to do a little self research and tried a little 1:1 tincture and some vaped flower yesterday and I am happy to report I only took 1 pain pill vs 4 I am hope to whittle down to none. I had my 4 month check everything under the hood last week and passed everything! All is well i will keep you posted of Tachro response but still looking forward to any and all input

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