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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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Hi. No, I live in Tampa. I have had so many test! I do have a diagnosis but they are unsure why I have it or how to treat it. Treatment so far has gotten me worse so I was hoping they could figure it all out. I must have another underlying autoimmune issue and they said they would find it. But so far we ruled them all out. But still no idea how to treat since the meds that usually help with all this will not work for me.
But I have tons of info on what I do not have! LOL

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What is the diagnosis they gave you thus far ?? Who’s your Dr. at Mayo ?? I don’t know of a specific Gastro there ( I think they match you to someone right )?
They will probably not be calling me anyway but I still hope ? If not I’ll let you know what CC says end of July .
How many tests and which ones did they run .? Gosh I’ve had so many in last 7.5 years!! Only the Colonoscopy and Endoscopy most recent ( a year ago).
Rest were about 3-4 years ago @gastrogirl