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Balance, high blood pressure medications, and …

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Hello @artscaping and @ray666
Please see my reply to @jesfactsmon
under Neuropathy Group discussing how Neuroplasticity helped solve my Ataxia (balance) problems. It led me to walk with a cane to prevent falls and bumping into walls. I started Physical Therapy which was written for Balance & Gait Training. A common factor that I just noticed is that I was also taking Gabapentin at the time.
I still taking a very small dose of 100mg at bedtime but when I had the gait/balance problems I was taking 700-800mg daily.
The PT allowed me to walk without a cane.

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Hello @artscaping and @jesfactsmon. I'm sorry, I'm just now seeing your notes. My meeting with the neurology PA went well, in fact, I've met with her twice now and have another meeting in two weeks. My brain MRI showed nothing of concern, and this past Thursday I had a cervical MRI (no results yet). As far as my blood pressure medication goes: since my last message, I've been taking only the Losartan; laying off the Amlodipine. My blood pressure seems to stay within an OK range, regardless of what BP meds I'm taking or not taking. I'll be seeing my primary doc in a few weeks, and I intend to restart the Amlodipine before then, so she and I will have some good stats to go over. // I have a cane, but I've not felt the need to use it, not yet anyway. I keep up with my physical therapy; maybe I too will be able to get about without a cane. Fingers crossed! ––Ray