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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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@clutch wow !! Yes they have a waitlist or cancellation list . I too spoke to GI scheduling 3 x . I’ve been on it for 7-8 weeks . Where do you live ? Have you considered Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL like I just scheduled a televisit with ? Or better yet Cleveland clinic in Ohio? Are used to live an hour from there for 23 years, now I wish I still did so I could go there ( minus the cold weather)!! I’m in West Melbourne, FLA now .
I think it depends on your diagnosis and how severe it is if you get into mayo clinic in Jacksonville? Maybe you have to be critical or close to it ? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. It sure is frustrating as you know . Keep calling them . Have your Gastro Dr. send over something stating you need to be seen ASAP . I’ve only seen this new Gastro Dr. here once ( I’ve had many prior ) and he said for me to go to Mayo and sent referral and records but I don’t think he said how severe my problems are ( thus the waitlist). Ugh 😑, right . Keep me posted .

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Yes you too @rozy288 .

You have bear in mind that Covid has changed a lot or things in this world.

The Mayo Clinics serve not only the USA, but patients from all over the world. The clinics have had doctors, nurses, technicians and many, many other employees come down with the virus. They are also trying to keep their employees and patients safe by keeping the number of people in the buildings down.. spacing and wearing mask. Some sub-waiting rooms are very small.

Hopefully the virus will soon wane and things can get back to the more usual.. I would say normal… but I am not sure what that is anymore. At the moment we have to be patient patients and wait even though we need to be seen right now.

I know how miserable and painful feels and how hard it is to wait. I have had to wait for surgery I needed for months because of insurance denial. My insurance had no peer to peer doctor… it was farmed out. Vomiting, weight loss, and tons of pain later I got the surgery I needed.

My best wishes that you get seen soon by someone that can help you.